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  • How long does a Vanilla Pod last?
    Vacuum-packed pods have a two-year shelf life. After the package is opened, the pods begin to dehydrate, gradually losing their weight and moisture.
  • How keep a pod for a longer time?
    It is very important to try to keep them vacuum packed at room temperature and in a dark place.
  • How is vanilla extract used?
    Vanilla extract is the concentrate of the flavor. To achieve its correct use, drops of extract are used in confectionery for dishes.
  • What is the Vanilla bite used for?
    Chefs are now using the Vanilla bite to create their own extracts and dish designs. They also transform it into vanilla powder to give a gourmet touch to dishes, desserts and drinks.
  • How do I preserve a pod that is no longer vacuum packed?
    It is advisable to place the pod inside an extract in a dark place and at room temperature. This does not guarantee that it will retain 100% moisture, but it will extend the life of the pod for a while.
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